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Art Blocks is leading a new generation of art. Hosting projects from today’s most innovative digital artists, our platform combines creative coding with blockchain technology to establish a new paradigm for the creation and ownership of art. Collectors actively participate in realizing an artist’s vision by generating unique algorithmic artworks. This symbiotic relationship and shared experience form the basis of our dynamic community. We invite you to join us as we build a home for the future of generative art.

social impact

We have a corporate giving strategy that runs parallel to the incredible generosity facilitated by the artists on our platform. Art Blocks is committed to supporting and furthering education, the arts, generative art, underrepresented populations in technology, and causes important to our team.

frequently asked questions

what is Art Blocks?

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what is the difference between a Linear Dutch Auction and an Exponential Dutch Auction?

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what is a project license, and which rights does it grant to me?

how does Art Blocks work?

what are the environmental effects of blockchain technology?

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